Want to do your own maintenance on your SV650? Here's the tools that I use to maintain my 2002 SV650S (1st generation). If you have a second generation SV650, you'll need a few different tools, but this is a good start.

I cannot emphasize this enough: get a factory service manual. Yes, you can download it and that might work at first, but buy it. The one you buy will have the correct wiring diagram for your bike, it'll have all the correct procedures for your bike, etc. The one you download may not (later editions add changes at the end for newer models, and those don't seem to make it into the downloadable versions...)

A few things to bear in mind with this manual: Check the updates in the back to see if there's anything specific to your model. Always check this area first, as this will help avoid, say, breaking bolts because you blindly follow the torque specs in the main portion of the manual, when they changed the bolt out and updated the torque spec in the back of the manual. For instance. Not that I've done that.

A list o' stuff I use all the time:

Some more stuff that I use, but only from time to time for particular jobs (or to deal with my screwups)

You'll also need a huge variety of effectively disposable seals, crush washers, pins, filters, etc. You should determine what jobs you expect to do, and then place a big order through a discount parts warehouse. For small orders, local dealerships are the way to go, but for big orders you can save money by ordering online. When you order from dealerships, find the part numbers in advance and order by part number, or you'll get the wrong part about 25% of the time.

Remember that most of the frame and engine fasteners are steel and the threads are aluminum, so it is very very important not to use too much force. It is very common to strip the oil drain and spark plug threads, and both are a pain in the ass to fix. For both, you only need to apply enough force to deform the crush washer!
Good luck!